Northeast Headline is delivering content in North East India, says Koushik Das

The increasing competition of various portals, newspapers, and news channels for quick dissemination of information at the national level has also not reduced the importance of regional portals. Regional portals help keep the general public aware of the news and information around them. But a large population of the country that lives in the North-East region has been somewhere away from the news camera’s center. But in the meantime, Kaushik Das, the founder of Northeast Headline, has taken the initiative to make everyone aware of the general news with his cooperation in the creativity, culture, change, skill, changing scenario of the North-Eastern states.

Koushik Das says that the biggest challenge in the present time is to deliver factual news to ordinary people in the proper form; in this era of social media rumors and paid news, we are doing the fastest dissemination of information without checking the facts and verifying the truth. So I started with a small core team to check…

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