One of world’s largest open modern art galleries coming up in Raj

Rajasthan will soon house one of the worlds largest open modern art galleries, the Mandawa Art Village, which will bespeak the stories of desert, beautiful ‘havelis’, colourful dresses, camels, sands and much more.

“The idea is to offer an alternative choice to the people who live in the village through creative economy,” said Amita D’Alessandro, the French co-founder of Mandawa Art Village, along with Virendra Singh Shekhawat, the director and founder of DPC, a Delhi-based photography club.

“Through art, art workshops, art experience, creation of open-air gallery, we are developing a new form of artistic tourism which will generate jobs in the village, offering a better life to the villagers,” D’Alessandro added.

The Mandawa Art Village project aims to promote local art and culture and stop migration from the village.

“We want to transform it into an international art village to offer another attraction to the tourists who visit Mandawa. Restoring, preserving and…

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