Tourism season months away, ministers mull best way to open Goa up to tourists

While Goa’s tourism season in October is still months away, discussions have already begun as to when the state should open for tourists.

Within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), ministers are now vowing to be more cautious than the first time round when Goa made entry free to the state.

“Tourism industry should not open up till Covid-19 cases are in control all over India; When it opens, it should be in a phased manner,” Michael Lobo a minister in the Goa government who represents the Calangute constituency, arguably the epicentre of tourism in the state, said.

On May 31, Lobo had argued that any kind of restrictions on the movement of people into the state would sound the death knell of the industry. “If you make SOPs stricter and you harass tourists, which tourist will come to Goa? We have to take precautionary measures, but at the same time you cannot stop business because Covid-19 cases are increasing,” he had said.

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Calls for financial support if unlocking is delayed

Calls for financial support if unlocking is delayed