Travel News – India’s aviation regulations need to be competitive: Qatar Airways CEO

Indian aviation regulations are protectionist and stifle growth, Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways said in an interaction with Vishnu Som of NDTV. “I think that it is incorrect for the authorities to stifle competition just to protect one or two other airlines,” he asserted and called for the creation of a conducive investment climate free from protectionism, “leaving it to survival of the fittest.”

Akbar Al Baker emphasised on the need for competition and called for expanding the Indian aviation market to international operators. ” The government should aim at expanding the Indian aviation market to international operators because the more flights you get in, the more tourists you get in, the more businesses grow and the government earns a lot of revenue,” Al Baker said.

Qatar Airways is the best in the world because “we are competing against equals and we always excel. That should really be the mantra for everybody,” he pointed out.

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