Travel News – The Royal Commission for AlUla unveils AlUla, Saudi Arabia to the Indian market

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) officially launched one of the world’s most significant heritage and culture destinations to the Indian media today. The virtual media launch event was addressed by Melanie de Souza, Executive Director, Destination Marketing; Dr Rebecca Foote, Director, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Research from RCU and Huzan Fraser Motivala and Beena Menon, India Representatives of RCU.  

AlUla’s vast desert landscape features preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and human-made. As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, it has been decreed that the priceless heritage and nature-based experiences of AlUla will be shared with visitors who will now have the opportunity to experience a living museum and a unique journey through time.

Melanie de Souza stated, “AlUla is a destination of global heritage significance that was officially re-opened in October 2020 as a year-round destination. For years, Saudi…

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