With A Covid Positivity Rate Above 40%, Tourist Hub Goa Has Become A Covid Hotspot

Goa’s below-par contact tracing and lack of testing in April has seen India’s smallest state report the highest positivity rate in the country, as per TOI. Not only is the disease spreading quickly, but the government has not been quick enough to contain it.  

At 40.5%, the weekly positivity rate is still the highest, well ahead of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. 

A senior government doctor involved in managing COVID facilities said Goa’s high positivity rate presents “a true picture of the spread of the infection” in a state that is a tourist hub.


“Initially, we were doing less testing as our capacity was limited and the government was not able to pick up all the positives. The government increased testing and thought that this would dilute the positives, but the results are revealing a scary picture,” he said on condition on anonymity.

“Since it is being matched by that many deaths too. Many deaths of those dying at home are not being…

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