British Tourists Rush Back From Portugal To Escape Quarantine – UrduPoint

Lisbon, June 7 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 7th Jun, 2021 ) :Holidaymakers who flew from Britain to Portugal after restrictions were relaxed three weeks ago are rushing home to escape renewed quarantine requirements on returning travellers, angering people in the tourism-heavy economy.

“I was supposed to come back on Wednesday, so I had to move it a little bit earlier to avoid the quarantine,” said Lisa Keenan, on her way to the departures area of Lisbon airport.

The 30-something health worker said she had to spend 150 (174 Euros) to change her booking on the return flight to Luton, north of London.

Brits have stepped up their return schedules as from Tuesday those arriving from Portugal will be required to quarantine.

Queues developed at the airport in Faro in the southern Algarve region beloved of British tourists.

The head of the regional tourism association said 10,000 UK tourists left on Saturday alone — although 2,500 decided not to change their flights….

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