Covid: Pakistani expat goes on ‘quarantine vacation’ in Egypt to return to Dubai

He decided taking the long route back to the UAE was his best bet, given the ongoing travel curbs.

Desperate to return to the UAE after an emergency trip to Karachi, a Pakistani expat went on a 14-day trip to Egypt to meet quarantine requirements — and, at the same time, enjoy a bit of a vacation.

Due to the Covid-related suspension of flights from Pakistan that went into effect in the UAE on May 13, Syed Muhammad Mudassir decided taking the long route back to his ‘home away from home’ in Dubai was his best bet under the circumstances.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, he said, “Initially, I planned to reach Dubai via Turkey, but realised Egypt would be a better option as it allows one to be on vacation rather than in quarantine,” he said.


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