Filipinos scramble to rebook or cancel holidays as direct flights home suspended

Filipinos who live in the UAE were left in limbo at the weekend as direct flights to the Philippines were suspended.

Emirates and Etihad will continue to operate scheduled services to the country, but only for those transiting through the UAE.

The Philippines authorities barred the entry of passengers from the UAE and Oman from May 15 to May 31.

Filipino residents in the UAE who had plans to travel home for a holiday said they were unhappy with the news.

They had to decide whether to rebook for a later date or cancel their plans altogether.

When I called the customer helpline, the agent told me the outgoing flight was cancelled and the next available departure flight was for June 8, so I have booked that instead

Ruperto Matanguihan Jr

Dubai resident Ruperto Matanguihan Jr, 46, said he had not been home to Manila for two years.

“Initially, I had a flight booked…

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