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India-Pakistan ties: PM Imran Khan’s peace offer façade

Khan may be boasting of his government and the army being on the “same page,” but it’s no secret that the real power center of Pakistan is the army and not its legislature. (Photo source: IE)

By Farooq Wani, 

The moment news about a ceasefire agreement being reached between the Indian and Pakistan armies broke out, the ‘doves’ in India went into raptures and started demanding that New Delhi should immediately respond in a positive manner and push forward to resolve all outstanding issues with Islamabad. The view that Pakistan appeared to be seriously smoking the peace pipe this time gained more strength when Pakistan’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) announced its approval for allowing import of cotton and sugar from…

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Sheikh Abdulaziz shines at Emirates Jet Ski Marathon

Sheikh Abdulaziz shines at Emirates Jet Ski Marathon