Japan to relax travel advisory for Pakistan

Islamabad : Seeing Pakistan’s extensive crackdown on terrorism pay off, Japan says it will soften travel advisory for the South Asian country.

“Pakistan has made impressive strides in addressing internal security threats, especially terrorism, over the years, so it’s now safe for tourists. In this light, we [Japan] are reviewing security guidelines about travelling to Pakistan and will downgrade the country in terms of security threat. This initiative will encourage both tourism and business from our land here,” Japanese ambassador Matsuda Kuninori told reporters here.

The envoy said his embassy would invite Japanese journalists to Pakistan to see and write about tourist attractions and Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

He said Buddhists were the second largest religious group in Japan, so they’re interested in their pilgrimage sites in Taxila and Takht Bhai, major centres of Gandhara Civilisation (1400–800 BCE), while other major tourist places included the Indus Valley,…

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