Mexicos Hottest Hotel Perks: Covid Tests And Free Quarantine

Cancn, Mexico, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 17th Feb, 2021 ) :Never mind the unlimited food and drink, the latest all-inclusive hotel perks tempting tourists to pandemic-hit Mexico are free Covid-19 tests and extended stays for anyone who catches the coronavirus.

It was enough to persuade Natalia Garzon, a 38-year-old Colombian living in the United States, to jet off to the Caribbean resort of Cancun for a weekend.

“You can catch the virus anywhere. If they don’t let us get on the plane home, then we’ll stay here,” she said as she walked along an uncrowded, sun-kissed beach.

Demands by the United States and other countries for a negative Covid-19 test result before flying were a major blow to Mexico‘s efforts to win back…

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