Pakistan, China urged to exchange cultural experiences | The Express Tribune

Speaking at the re-launching of the social and cultural network ‘Friends of China,’ experts urged the governments of Pakistan and China to work on the establishment of mechanisms for cultural promotion and social integration.

The speakers and participants said both countries are ‘iron friends’ for the last seven decades but the culture of both countries is less known to the people on both sides. Cultural performances and arts showcasing shall replace fusion of recreation of culture, learning and understanding each other based on the cultural heritage. The pandemic time should be used for the planning and development of mechanisms to boost cultural ties and social integration based on this learning.

Friends of China is an initiative of Development Communications Network (Devcom-Pakistan) initially launched in 2011 on the national day of China under the chairmanship of former senator and ambassador, the late Muhammad Akram Zaki. Guest speakers on the virtual re-launching…

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