PM Imran Khan promises ‘revolution’ in Pakistan’s agriculture sector

Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks at an event in Lahore. Photo: Geo News screengrab
  • Pakistan has not given importance to its agriculture sector for the past 50 years, says PM Imran Khan.
  • PM says he is leading the mission to revamp Pakistan’s agriculture sector himself.
  • PM says government’s entire focus is on agriculture sector now.

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday promised to bring about a “revolution” in Pakistan’s agriculture sector. 

The prime minister, speaking at an event in Lahore, spoke about the various sectors of Pakistan, including agriculture and tourism, that had been ignored by previous governments. 

“First we were stabilising the economy but now, our entire focus is on agriculture,” he said. “I am leading it myself and I will prove to you by bringing about a major revolution in agriculture,” he added. 

PM Khan said Pakistan had never given much thought or importance to its agriculture sector. “We haven’t given importance to agriculture over the past 50…

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