The Gay Locals: The Parisian LGBTQ Tourism Company Offering a Different Side of France

Shutterstock / Alexandre Rotenberg

Bryan Pirolli didn’t have your typical expat story. The Philadelphia native wasn’t a diehard francophile with rosy visions of living in Paris. In fact, when got a job in the French capital in 2008 after studying journalism at NYU, he wasn’t completely sold on the city. He’d started running walking tours to support himself and make connections, but felt that there was something missing amidst all the history. “I didn’t feel like I was a part of it,” he explains. “I am a gay man, and here I am harping on Hitler and Marie Antoinette all the time when there are so many stories of people like me in the past, especially in Paris, that we can tap into.”

After getting his PhD from the Sorbonne, and spending years mulling on Parisian history, in 2015 Bryan decided he wanted to share something a little different with Parisian tourists, and The Gay Locals was born. “We started off kind of offering a little bit of…

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