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Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, compassion, humanity and love. It demands from its followers to continuously learn till the time one is lowered into the grave. It also puts great stress that a believer should respect others religions and should know about them and their founders so that the believer can compare his religion with the religion of others. He can argue well only if he has sound knowledge about the religion he wants to talk or write about. It also helps him to reach conclusions and add to his knowledge. The book under review, Walking with Nanak, is about Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. The book is written by Haroon Khalid, a Pakistani writer. He tries to walk along with Nanak all along in the book where Nanak once walked, stayed and met people of different religions, especially in Pakistan where Guru Nanak was born and also laid to rest.
The books also talks about the other Sikh gurus but in brief. The main focus of the book is on Nanak, his philosophy,…

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