Understanding ground realities

The ground realities in the land of the pure continue to be grim. Despite dedicated efforts, serious gaps remain between policies and implementation. A few years ago, the President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul was visiting Lahore. He had a separate meeting with the intellectuals and senior officials. Basically, he wanted to understand the reasons behind the continuous decline in Pakistan while Turkey under Tayyip Erdogan was able to turn around. According to him, the Prime Minister (PM) invited expatriate experts to work closely with local officials to rebuild institutions. While overseas experts came with fresh approaches, the locals presented a clear picture of the ground realities; together they came up with workable plans to strengthen…

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Marriott Upgrades Bonvoy App for iOS

Marriott Upgrades Bonvoy App for iOS

tourism industry in India

Domestic travel to continue aiding hotel recovery in 2021: JLL