Ushna Shah gives a lesson on environment, white saviours | The Express Tribune

A couple of days ago, Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle took to social media and shed light on the plight of Hunza locals. The traveller took to Instagram and shared pictures from her trip to Hunza and the North, calling out “local tourists” for “littering and destroying Hunza’s culture with drugs and partying.”

Sharing what seemed like screenshots of the complaints from Hunza residents about recklessness and untidiness, she went on to express how it “hurts” her to see Hunza in the current state. But while many lauded Gabrielle for raising concerns about the environment of Hunza and sharing its locals’ reservations, many, including actor Ushna Shah, criticised her for “projecting white privelege” and behaving like a “white saviour”.

The Cheekh star took to Instagram and shared the vlogger’s aforementioned post writing, “You know what we don’t appreciate? Judgmental, condescending, ‘white saviour’ wanna-be’s. We don’t need YOU to ‘fix us’.” The Balaa star…

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