We did not expect tourists, say apartment owners in Croatia

If you are now going to smaller Croatian towns or villages, expect that finding accommodation may not be as easy as it was before the pandemic. As the editor of the daily E15, I went with my sister to the far south of Croatia to the town of Molonat.

When we booked accommodation for the evening via the Airbnb host platform, the booking was instantly confirmed. But within a few minutes, the owner canceled the stay, saying he wasn’t home because he wasn’t expecting anyone at all.

Accommodation prices are relatively higher in this area, so it is necessary to take into account that if you have a limited financial budget, there are not many options left. We found new accommodation in Moulons quickly and the owners were once again surprised. “We didn’t expect anyone to come here now. The season has started but here it is completely empty,” said the owner of the apartment in Molonat.

We were alone in the whole villa, which offers over ten apartments. We saw the…

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