Work Dries Up For Jordans Donkeys As Coronavirus Cripples Tourism – UrduPoint

Petra, Jordan, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 10th Jun, 2021 ) :Herds of hard-working donkeys once carried hordes of tourists on the rocky paths of Jordan‘s Petra, but visitor numbers crashed amid the pandemic and the loyal animals are left without a job.

“Before coronavirus, we all had work,” said Abdulrahman Ali, a 15-year-old donkey owner at the ancient rock-carved desert city, where the sure-footed animals carry tourists up steep paths in the blazing sun.

“The Bedouins of Petra made a living and fed their animals,” he said, sitting waiting for a handout of fodder from a charity, explaining that many owners today are struggling to meet the cost of feeding them.

In 2019, the number of visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage site topped a million for the first time.

But in March 2020, the famous tourist destination was closed, and the crucial income from the tourists dried up.

– Dependent on tourism – “When tourism stopped, nobody could buy fodder or medicine anymore,”…

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