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Saudi health expert: Having COVID-19 vaccine jabs our only way back to normal lives

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine rollout has inoculated more than 25 percent of the population.
Over the past year, the Kingdom has promoted strict protocols to curb the virus until the national vaccine campaign started. Every new vaccine administered is another step to normalcy. Saudi health experts have said that in a bid to return to normal life in the fight against COVID-19, vaccines are a necessity, not a luxury.
“The government placed the safety of their people first and the nation lived through an unsettling new normal. Many have come to realize that life is somewhat back to normal with prayers resumed at mosques and people returning to coffee shops. Many have felt the sense of urgency and rushed to take the vaccine. We can’t afford another hit,” infectious disease consultant Dr. Nezar Bahabri told Arab News.
He added: “The vaccines are the only way to…

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