Saudis ‘excited, relieved’ as public venues set to reopen

Saudis ‘excited, relieved’ as public venues set to reopen

Pretty in pink: Saudi Arabia’s summer capital is adorned with millions of spring roses

TAIF: Throughout the year, rose gardens and farms in Taif are kept well cultivated, waiting for the spring to arrive and welcome visitors with a charming bloom.

In Saudi Arabia, there are two traditional types of pink roses that are widely adored and sold for various purposes, both significant in their smell, cultivation standards, and price. The light blush pink of the Madinah rose is available all through the year, and it grows in cool to warm weather, while the Taif rose, also known as the Jory or Damascus rose, is a seasonal type that grows only during the spring months for 45 to 60 days in cold to cool weather.
Away from the hot desert…

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