Tourists Offered Glimpse of Rural Life Near Egypt’s Pyramids

Tourists visiting Egypt’s famed pyramids may rarely stray from the beaten track, but a project focused on rural villages adjoining the ancient sites now encourages them to do so.

The scheme takes visitors to a verdant strip of farmland thick with palm trees that runs south of the Giza pyramids, between the lesser known pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur and the western bank of the Nile.

There they can get a glimpse of local communities as part of Visit Badrashin!, a sustainable tourism project funded by the European Union.

“When a tourist visits, they can pass by a farmer here and have a cup of tea in the fields, buy handicrafts from a woman selling them or eat traditional food from the area,” said Heba Ragab, a tourism expert who works on the project.

The project includes the villages of Saqqara, Abu Sir and Dahshur, all in the district of Badrashin, and offers training to the local community in an effort to help them tap into tourism revenues and protect their…

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