Agritourism SA shines despite lack of govt. support

Despite not receiving a single cent from government, Agritourism South Africa has received global recognition for creating sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities in Mzansi.

Agritourism South Africa, the only initiative of its kind in Africa, was honoured during a virtual awards ceremony held during the International Conference on Agritourism. During the conference, researchers, farmers and other stakeholders shared examples of successful agricultural and tourism practices from across the globe.

‘Admired as survivors’

Jacqui Taylor, chief executive of Agritourism South Africa, thanked the awards committee for the acknowledgement.

Speaking to Food For Mzansi, Taylor said they were elated by the news.

“The number of requests to speak at international conferences about sustainability and entrepreneurship in agritourism is honestly overwhelming.

Jacqui Taylor, founder of Agritourism SA. Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

“We have no government…

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