Cape Town has a brand-new 28-floor hotel – with robot staff and thrill ride

Hotel Sky is like nothing else in South Africa. The ride is open to guests and the public says its owner, Paul Kelley.

Cape Town has a brand-new hotel, and it is something special.

The 28-floor Metlife Centre – formerly an office block, and one of the tallest buildings on the foreshore – has been converted into a residential building known as Hotel Sky.

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You may have noticed the building outlined in red, with a prominent vertical structure in place during the day.

The object is a 30-metre thrill ride that takes you up on a chair lift, giving you a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The 535-room hotel has Artificially Intelligent robot staff and a restaurant on the 26th floor.

Rooms start at R795 with breakfast included.

Refilwe Moloto interviewed Paul Kelley, the owner of Hotel Sky.

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