Government’s plan to own and control all electronic data in South Africa – a nightmare for privacy

The new Draft National Policy on Data and the Cloud raises alarming implications for data privacy and for increasing the costs of doing business, says Jacques Moolman, president of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Among other changes, Moolman said that the policy proposes sweeping new powers for state surveillance.

“Its declared intention is to give the government ownership and control of all electronic data generated in South Africa – by anyone and everyone – whether it is data held within the country or out of it,” he said.

“Published for comment on 1 April the prospect the draft opens up is more state oversight and more control over our lives and the economy by a public sector whose reputation is increasingly dubious.”

“The draft is so loosely worded that nightmare visions are conjured up of Big Brother looking over our shoulders as we work at our computers and other digital devices.”

Moolman said that the motive given for this extensive government…

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