ISSUES AT STAKE: USA’s tourist warning rings hollow | Zululand Observer

The US State Department’s travel advisory to American tourists wishing to visit South Africa just days after the killing of Zululander Lindani Myeni at the hands of Honolulu police, is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The outrage with which the violation was met by those sympathetic to Myeni’s youthful family, resonates strongly with South Africans whose lives were often brutally impacted by police in the past.

Local racial sentiments aside, Myeni’s death has once more exposed America’s insincerity.

Many may not be aware of the advisory which contains a number of unsavoury alerts about our country.

Lest one is accused of defending the indefensible, one must admit crime is a worrisome issue in the country.

Carjacking, rapes, armed robbery, muggings and other anti-social behaviour are real and objectionable.

However, no country is immune to such violations, hence singling out and condemning South Africa is less than fair.

Scaring off tourists will surely have an immense…

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