Negative press and travel bans: How South Africa aims to fight back

By Clinton Moodley 16h ago

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South Africa went from being a top travel choice for pandemic holidays to a shunned destination for most of their key markets due to the pandemic.

And while South African Tourism (SA Tourism) and the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) have done everything in their power to entice travel to South Africa, the country has been dealt a bad hand many times in the past few months.

Many destinations have discouraged its locals not to visit South Africa, global media labelled the country as unsafe for travel due to Covid-19 and reported the B.1.351 variant as the “South African Covid-19 variant”.

To resurrect travel demand, SAT (South African Tourism) and TBCSA announced the launch of Global Tourism Advocacy Progamme that forms part of the Tourism Road to Recovery plan.

According to SAT, the programme will focus on the causal issues for adverse travel positioning in each source market ranging…

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