OPINIONISTA: Ocean Sailing Association of Southern Africa: Cooperation built a bridge over troubled waters

The establishment of the Ocean Sailing Association of Southern Africa (Osasa), with the government’s blessing, is a sign that something of the Freedom Day ethic still exists.

First published in the Daily Maverick 168 weekly newspaper.

“Do pink noses like you ever see people like me cruising around the world on a yacht?” The question was asked with warmth by the Department of Transport official of the Ocean Cruising Club official. To be able to ask – and answer – such a racially charged question, without offence, reflects the degree of understanding reached between these two parties. So much so that a new organisation – the Ocean Sailing Association of Southern Africa (Osasa) – has been established with the government’s blessing. It will act as the liaison body working with the government on behalf of the offshore and coastal cruising communities.

It didn’t start like that. But, before I get to the story, the context:

Thirty-one years after Nelson Mandela was…

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