Should you cancel your trip to and within South Africa?

By Clinton Moodley 2h ago

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My phone blew up during the early days of the unrest and looting with people enquiring whether it was safe to travel to and within South Africa. At the time, I gave a firm “no”. Postpone your trip until everything gets settled, I told them.

As much as we needed to boost our tourism industry, the fuel shortage and unrest in many areas in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng made it hard to encourage any form of travel. Until now. With the country rebuilding after the devastating loss, the travel industry relies on local and international travellers to keep their businesses open.

Natalie Knibbs, the owner of Africa Memories Travel, said travellers should not stop travelling to and within South Africa due to fear.

“As SA returns to some sort of normality, we should venture out and allow ourselves to feel some sort of peace.

“If you do, check the safety of the roads if they are safe to drive. If there is any chance…

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