The all-conquering love is greatest of all gifts

HAVE you ever wondered why billions of people in this world today live in agony, anxiety, bitterness, heartbreak, distress, misgiving, hatred or jealousy?

Some individuals are highly untrustworthy, traitorous, double-dealing, deceitful and backbiting.

These individuals of questionable character are habitually associated with lying.

They do not forgive.

They always find faults with every person.

These individuals allow jealousy to take over.

They like fighting in public and constantly keep scores to settle.

Generally, such individuals get drenched in issues associated with racism, xenophobia, tribalism or even creed.

Hear these brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers.

Today, this True Gospel is directly coming to you with divine answers that will transform your spiritual, emotional and social life for the better.

Whether you are following this True Gospel from, I’m here to tell you the satanic challenges you are…

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