The new tech reset

Throughout history, after every global crisis such as the one we’re experiencing, a new era of thinking and living begins. How we shop, learn and play has evolved, with some changes brought on by the pandemic, and others brought on by technology’s acceleration.

We’ve rounded up interesting insights from industry executives around new transformations, experiences and offerings in their respective sectors over the past year.

Tapping is here to stay ~ Murray Gardiner, CEO of Bluecode Africa 

Murray Gardiner

Across the continent, cash has always been preferred for cultural reasons of trust and convenience of exchange. That’s understandable. Cash is easy to understand. You hand over a set amount and get the good or service you desire. It’s also so culturally entrenched that it doesn’t require learning new behaviours.  

However, in light of the way the Covid-19 virus spreads, the pandemic has accelerated a process that was already…

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