US lowers South Africa’s risk rating – but travel ban remains in place

Latest US travel advisory (10 June 2021)

  • South Africa, along with almost 200 other countries, was placed at the highest risk level within the US State Department’s travel advisory system back in April.
  • On Tuesday, South Africa’s risk level was lowered, with US still urging its citizens to “reconsider travel”.
  • This doesn’t change the current travel ban imposed on South Africa.
  • But, coupled with a new direct flight from New York to Johannesburg, could see an influx of US tourists.
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The United States has updated its travel advisory bulletin for citizens wishing to visit South Africa after placing the country on its highest risk alert level back in April.  

The US Bureau of Consular Affairs has made sweeping changes to its international travel advisories over the past three months. Guided by data presented by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which analyses Covid-19 risks in other parts of the world,…

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