Walk in Mandela’s footsteps to commemorate the icon’s legacy

Joburg Tourism has kicked off a winter campaign to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s legacy with a heritage tour that traces the former statesman’s footsteps in Johannesburg.

In Mandela’s Footsteps – a whirlwind tour curated to follow the late icon’s footsteps – forms part of the ‘Welcome to Joburg – A City Reimagined’ campaign. Among the abundance of heritage sites Joburg boasts, most relate to the country’s struggle history, particularly to Nelson Mandela, and the pivotal role he played in the country’s road to democracy. Joburg Tourism has curated these touch points into an itinerary which promises to enthral visitors and residents alike.

Born on 18 July 1918 in Mvezo in the Eastern Cape, Mandela’s influence on Joburg has changed many lives – from 1941 when he first arrived here as a young man to 2013 when he passed away in Houghton – having achieved milestone awards and received global recognition.

Nelson Mandela Yard

On the historical trail tracing Madiba’s…

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