Malta’s FM says EU, Turkey should keep their promises to each other

The European Union and Turkey can overcome their problems through open talks, but should keep their promises, and respect each other for a decent relationship, said the Maltese foreign minister on Saturday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency prior to the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, Evarist Bartolo said: “When it comes to the European Union and Turkey, there should be real respect for each other, and not playing around, if we promise something, that we should deliver, but this should be also from both sides.”

He said the relations between the EU and Turkey “have been very complicated over the years,” and added: “I still think that strategically, it is in the interest of both the European Union and Turkey (for the country) to join the European Union.”

Underlining that despite some areas of conflict, there are also areas of cooperation between the EU and Turkey.

“And I must say that over the recent months, I have been quite optimistic and hopeful that relations have started to improve.”

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