Turkey: Nailed horseshoes help sledding on Lake Cildir

Nailed horseshoes help sledding on Lake Cildir


The sleighs who serve on the Lake Cildir in northeastern Turkey offer tourists a fantastic journey thanks to the nailed horseshoes which prevent horses from sliding down.

The second largest lake in Eastern Anatolia, the Lake Cildir is completely covered with ice in winter as the temperature falls below zero.

As the ice thickness reaches 25-30 centimeters (9-11 inches) on the lake, some fishermen break the ice and catch fish like Eskimos, while others walk or ride with sleighs on the ice.

The secret of a fairy sleigh ride on the lake is hidden in the nailed horseshoes. Attached to the feet of the horses pulling sledges serving on the Lake Cildir, the horseshoes with spurs, dubbed “snow tires”,…

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