UN, Turkish travel agency spearhead path to sustainable tourism

As COVID-19 leads more vacationers to opt for alternatives such as caravanning and ecotourism, the UN Development Program (UNDP) and a leading Turkish travel and leisure agency, Jolly, are spearheading sustainable tourism routes in Turkey.

Speaking exclusively to Anadolu Agency, Mustafa Ali Yurdupak, the inclusive and sustainable growth portfolio manager at the UNDP Turkey, said: “We will work on blazing the way for sustainable tourism routes under the medium-term goals of the campaign of Mirasim Turkey.”

The Mirasim Turkiye (My Heritage Turkey) campaign, launched by Jolly nearly three years ago, aims to help preserve Turkey’s rich heritage and pass it down to future generations.

The project is seeking out alternatives to beach-based tourism which will also help benefit local economies, Yurdupak explained.

“We will work on (figuring out) when we take a tour group, how can a route including several legs be put together? Which geographic areas should be prioritized?” he added.


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