5 stunning palaces in the UAE you can actually visit

Get a taste of the royal lifestyle when you visit these palaces in the UAE… 

It’s no secret that palaces are abundant in the United Arab Emirates. Home to the royals and their families, most of them are hidden behind tall gates, walls and trees leaving passersby wondering what actually awaits inside.

However, there are several palaces in the UAE you can actually visit and while you won’t be able to see a member of the royal family strolling down one of the many, many hallways or have a cup of tea with them (we wish), they are still worth checking out.

Here are 5 palaces in the UAE you can actually visit…

1) Qasr Al Watan – Abu Dhabi

Qasr Al Watan is a fairly new cultural landmark housed within the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. In Arabic, it means ‘Palace of the Nation’, and is a working palace that hosts official state visits and summits. It boasts stunning Arabian architecture and while its exterior will leave you in awe you haven’t seen anything yet. On the…

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