B.I.G Brunch In Garage @ W Abu Dhabi

B.I.G Brunch In Garage @ W Abu Dhabi

B.I.G – Brunch In Garage – 5 Culinary Hubs. 11 Beverage Taps. 1 BIG Brunch.

Go B.I.G every weekend with Booming Beats and Banging Bites. A Mezze spread and Asian flavors. Meat cuts from the Vault and drinks on Tap. 

Go B.I.G or Go Home!

Every Friday | 1PM – 4PM
AED 279 Dry Package
AED 379 Spirited Package
AED 499 Sparkling Package

Info & Reservations details: 


+971 2 656 0000


Note: According to the new rules of DCT, all entertainment activities, DJ, musician, singer, dancer cancelled till further notice. 

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