How Dubai conducts its initial stages

As a hub connecting East and West, Dubai has the privilege of air access to other parts of the world and welcomes people of all looks. In the past, the city’s economy relied on oil, but today it represents only 1% of GDP and attracts growing and experienced entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs are like everyone else: they seek to settle in a pleasant environment with access to education and leisure facilities. Of course they can easily establish their business.” Entrepreneurial Manager Natalia Chicheva promises Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

“I had a lot of support”

This semi-governmental organization provides support to entrepreneurs. Its branch is dedicated to entrepreneurs, Dubai Start-up Hub Provided assistance to more than 2,000 entrepreneurs last year.

“There are different stages in the entrepreneurial journey: from the concept of the idea to the registration of the company to its international development,” Comment by Natalia Chicheva.

For example, The Couture, A trend…

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