Oy Voyages relaunches its ‘formators’ and invites 250 travel agents to Dubai and Maracak

Tour operator oy Voyages has announced the return of its “mega formatter” in 2021. A major event for 250 travel agents exploring Dubai or Maracak.

Here is something to encourage tourism professionals. Tour operator oy Voyages announced its “Mega Formatter” company in 2021 a few days ago to support travel agents for this Kovit-19 tourism recovery.

“Since its inception, oy Voyages has served as a solution that allows its privileged distribution partners to reconnect with the pleasure of travel and the joy of meeting with them, for moments of sharing and harmony in an exceptional universe, after so long of frustration and loss of travel.”, announces Rauf Ben Slimane, chairman of oy Voyages.

Lots of work for the tour operator, he wanted to recapture the feel of his mega-shaped tours, but inside “Doing even better and stronger”. Conclusion: This is not one, not two giant educational tours that will be planned in September and October in Dubai and Marrakech, the…

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