An Independence Day re-opening of US and UK travel would be a symbol to the rest of the world

As the leaders of the G7 gather in the UK this month, the rest of us watch for signs that politicians have a hopeful vision for the post-pandemic world.

In a grandiose statement, US President Biden and UK Prime Minister Johnson have evoked the nostalgia of the Second World War with a new “Atlantic Charter”. The first Atlantic Charter was forged in 1941 amid the darkest days of the war, at a time when the outcome was still very much in doubt. It was a truly visionary statement which was a foundation of the key institutions of the post-war world such as NATO and the United Nations. It sought to strengthen democracy and free trade, and can be said to have kick-started the process of globalization to which the growth of air connectivity has played such a vital part.

By contrast, the new Atlantic Charter offers little in terms of connecting the world. A “Task Force” has been set up to look at the opening of US-UK borders. To put some context around this, many EU states already…

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