Notice: 2021 Management Changes

In late 2020 we undertook a restructuring of our workforce in the face of the severe impact of COVID-19 on our activities. Over 20% of budgeted positions were cut.

Changes to the association’s management structure are now being implemented under the leadership of Willie Walsh, who became IATA’s Director General in April 2021. A streamlined management structure will enable IATA to better represent and serve its 290 member airlines, with greater focus on key industry issues, more effective decision-making, faster implementation of initiatives, and stronger commercial performance to fund industry programs.

The changes, taking effect progressively as internal departments are realigned to the new structure will be in place by 1 July 2021.

Changes in IATA top management

  • Conrad Clifford will become IATA’s Deputy Director General. In this role Conrad will lead IATA’s global advocacy efforts. He will also oversee a strong and coordinated regional presence for IATA to serve its members through its five Regional Vice Presidents, who will report to Conrad. The search for a successor for Conrad’s current role as Regional Vice President Asia-Pacific is underway.
  • Sebastian Mikosz will become IATA’s Senior Vice President for Environment and Sustainability. This newly created position gives greater prominence to the existential challenge of decarbonizing air transport. Except for Environment and Sustainability, Sebastian’s current responsibilities as Senior Vice President for Member and External Relations will be incorporated into the work of the Deputy Director General,
  • Nick Careen will become IATA’s Senior Vice President for Operations, Safety and Security. In this role, Nick will have Safety and Flight Operations added to his current responsibilities as Senior Vice President for Airports, Passenger, Cargo and Security. Gilberto Lopez-Meyer, currently IATA’s Senior Vice President for Safety and Flight Operations, will leave IATA at the end of May.
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