Statement on US Centers for Disease Control Study

The safety of passengers and crew is always our top priority. With that objective, we are carefully reviewing the United States Center for Diseases Control (CDC) study. However, it’s important to note that this laboratory study did not consider the significant risk-reduction impacts of the wearing of facemasks by passengers and cabin staff (nor could it have, given that the data collection occurred in 2017). The wearing of masks on flights has been airline policy for several months. Many governments have made it a legal requirement, including in the US, where it has been a federal mandate from January 2021.  Scientific studies that have taken into consideration mask-wearing have concluded that the risk of onboard transmission is very low.

  • A report by the US Transport Command, based on simulations conducted on two passenger aircraft found that the overall exposure risk from aerosolized pathogens, like coronavirus, is “very low” on the types of airline aircraft typically…

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