A new era of sustainable travel prepares for take-off

(Credit: Unsplash)

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Author: Sadiq Gillani, Senior Vice President, Emirates Group and Lecturer in Management Stanford

  • Rebuilding travel sustainably in the wake of the pandemic has become a priority for the industry.
  • Changing travel habits, accelerated fleet retirements, subsidies for biofuels and new technologies are key enablers.
  • This five-point framework outlines the flight path for the coming years.

At the last World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, weeks before the start of the pandemic, Greta Thunberg warned that “our house is on fire” and we need to take urgent action. In my recent speech at Stanford Graduate School of Business, I predicted that we have now reached a tipping point when it comes to environmentally sustainable travel, in the wake of the pandemic. The transportation industry will reach a sustainable cruising altitude and…

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