Airline Startup Of The Week: Germany’s Tel Aviv Air

One would imagine an airline named Tel Aviv Air to be based in, well, Israel. However, that is not the case for a new startup named after the Mediterranean coastal metropolis. Based out of Hamburg Airport, Tel Aviv Air intends to launch flights to its namesake destination and Ben Gurion Airport on September 19th, 2021.

Startup hopeful Tel Aviv Air will commence service between Hamburg and Ben Gurion with a Boeing 737-800 mid-September. Photo: Getty Images

A one-plane, one-route operation

Service will commence with a Boeing 737-800, reportedly leased from Polish charter specialist Enter Air, which has a fleet of 25 aircraft, including two 737 MAX 8s. The plane, which has 189 seats, will feature 14 premium economy seats, with the middle seat left vacant. The remainder of the cabin will be a standard economy configuration.

The airline says on its sparse website that tickets for the twice-weekly service were meant to go on sale by mid-July. No price point has yet been made public….

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