Airline Startup Of The Week: India’s Subscription Based Prince Air – Simple Flying

Even as Indian aviation is rocked by COVID-19, airline startups have not slowed down. This week saw the arrival of Prince Air, an upcoming subscription-based airline. With a monthly membership, travelers can fly between major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore at a fraction of usual business class fares.

The airline is hoping to draw away frequent-flyers by offering a cheaper, more luxurious, and flexible option. Photo: Prince Air

New way

Similar to many subscription-based airlines globally, Prince Air is bringing private jet flying to the masses. The airline plans to target passengers who usually travel business class or frequently between major Indian cities with a competitively priced monthly payment. With an initial network of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, the potential market is large.

Prince Air will start operations with the larger Airbus A320 or A321 family, which offers a substantial number of seats. However, the planes themselves will come in an all-business-class…

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