Asian startups jump into developing vaccine passports

TOKYO/JAKARTA — Now that COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out around the world and testing is becoming customary for international travel, Asian startups are looking to leverage their tech prowess to develop digital health IDs, including vaccine passports.

While the passports are still being debated by governments, some companies are taking the lead in advance of slow-footed politicians.

My Health Diary, an Indonesian startup, is one such example.

The company started out with a teledoctor app, with which users can talk to health professionals, 24/7. But after COVID-19 struck Indonesia, the app started adding pandemic-related features, including news and webinars, as well as the ability to reserve PCR tests and vaccinations.

Now, My Health Diary is piloting a program that monitors people who have been vaccinated with a view to developing a national health passport. The idea is to arm users with wearable tech like a smartwatch to monitor health and assess their condition — including…

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