Bhopal-based startups keep hope afloat amid pandemic pessimism | Bhopal News – Times of India

Bhopal: During Covid times, when people are losing jobs and industries are struggling to survive, Bhopal-based startups seem to be doing reasonably well. There have been ups and downs, especially during the second wave, but young entrepreneurs, who have founded these start-ups feel once the situation improves, their endeavours would be back on track.
Shahwar, who has a startup in the tourism sector, said, “We had founded our start-up in January 2020. In March, there was a lockdown and we felt lost but there was a boom from the month of September and our clientele swelled. We started offices at eight places and hired 25 people during the period. It was the time when people bored by a prolonged lockdown wanted to go out. We organised several international tours as well. Till March, everything was going well but then there was a devastating second wave and our start-up has suffered. We hope that tourism picks up again.”
Talking about his startup, Shahwar said, “We have developed…

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