Breeze Receives Government Approval, Remains Mum On Routes – Simple Flying

Breeze Airways has received final approval from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airline stated it received its Air Carrier Certificate on May 14th. However, the airline remains quiet on where it will fly as the summer season closes in fast.

Breeze Airways has been very quiet about its launch plans. Photo: Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways cleared for takeoff

The United States government has indicated that Breeze Airways is ready to go for launching flights. With an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), the airline can engage in interstate air transport of passengers and cargo. It has, however, not revealed many details.

Receiving an AOC is a major milestone for new airline startups. Receiving federal approval is not always guaranteed, nor is it easy. Breeze has spent the last few years getting everything to receive government approval.

No other news on routes

When it comes to routes and services, very little is actually known about the airline. So far, the…

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